What is LAPET

What is LAPET?

LAPET means raising up altars to establish His throne. This is a global movement aimed to cooperate with the advance of the Gospel in the globe – building up healthy relationships - through sending teams to Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific, from different countries in Latin America.

Global prayer
time at homes

Global prayer time
with the whole congregation

Global prayer time
together with the nations

Every day

How was LAPET created?

LAPET was given in 2010 as a vision to Gustavo Lara, member of the UNGE network, with the purpose of connecting Latin America to the rest of the continents through raising up altars (worship, intercession, evangelism and discipleship). In the present season, we have migrated to the understanding of cooperating with the advance of the Gospel in each region.

Which was the result in 2015?

We reached 112 countries through mobilizing 1.394 leaders, most of them keep in close relationship with pastors and churches in the country they visited in 2015.

How and when

How and when will it take place in 2020?

The Global Prayer Gathering will be held between 7th to 17th October 2020, focused on this statement “PROCLAIMING TOGETHER THE ETERNAL VICTORY ON THE CROSS”

We will gather in this way:

Global prayer time at homes.
Everyday 24/7

Global prayer time with the whole congregation.
Everyday 24/7

Global prayer time together with the nations.
Everyday 24/7

Global Simultaneous Prayer time
Every day at 7 pm from New York (1:40m) through streaming.

When is the date for 2021?

From the 8th to 18th October 2021 we will mobilize teams from America to all the nations in contact. Soon more information will be provided.

How can I be
part of LAPET?

You can visit our website www.ungeinternacional.com/lapet and if you are a pastor in charge of a congregation, please fill up the form and we will contact you.

Application form (only pastors in charge)